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NPC Groups - The Slayer's Guild - Microlite20 Press

NPC Groups - The Slayer's Guild

When cities set themselves up as points of light in a dark wilderness, there are always beasts clamoring at the gates. The Slayer’s Guild seeks to even the odds.

Tomas Burntshield was a Dwarf exiled from his Hold for being born to the wrong family. After his father committed High Treason against the Thane, all the adults of his family were executed as conspirators, and the children were exiled. Having to make his way in the world as a teenager, Tomas fell in with various bandit gangs and mercenary groups. However, he did not seek bloodshed – he simply sought enough coin to make something of himself, and get back into the good graces of the Thane.

One thing he found himself doing repeatedly as a mercenary was being tasked to hunt down monsters which threatened towns and waycastles. Griffons, owlbear nests, even the occasional wyvern and hydra all fell not to strength of arms and steel, but careful planning, the right tools, and knowledge. Tomas found himself researching bestiaries, consulting with wizards and druids, and generally making himself the number-one source of knowledge on beasts in the land.

However, even the greatest must meet their match – and a Dragon is a match for any man. Tomas ended up permanently scarred, missing a leg and an eye (and refusing clerical healing, due to his strong Dwarven religious mores). This left him unable to continue his hunts, but the monster attacks on towns continued unabated. So Tomas did what he felt he had to do – use some of the wealth he had acquired to hire, train and equip a band of mercenaries specifically for the purpose of hunting beasts.

After a number of successful hunts, their reputation spread as great protectors of the land – to the point where many young adventurers were clamoring to join. Not one to turn away a chance at money, new members had to pay dues until they were eligible to work as Slayers.

Years later, Tomas now owns the Slayer’s Guild – the premiere resource for monster hunting equipment and expertise. If you need information, trained men, or highly-specialized equipment to tackle a beast beyond your ability, the Slayer’s Guild can help.

Sample Services

Joining The Slayer’s Guild

Anyone can apply, should they be able to pay their dues (200gp, normally paid over a year). They must take part in at least 3 hunts over this year, and must land the killing blow in at least one of these hunts to gain full membership. After that, they are required to perform in at least 10 hunts or other mercenary service per year. In exchange, they get tools and equipment at half price, knowledge for free, and the standing that comes with being part of one of the most well-regarded professions in the land.

Content Upgrade: Blood Gorge Caravanserai

The slayers guild is a great little organization to throw into a campaign, but Ian and I have worked up an extra special resource for patrons to go along with it. We've created a 5 page resource for for a Slayers Guild Location as well as a handful of plot hooks to give you some inspiration. Patrons can grab a copy of this and other exclusive resources as a thanks for helping to continue to support the growth of M20!

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