Why is mystery hard? Anyone who has ever tried to run or play in a mystery game knows that it’s one of the trickier genres to run. Your players are either banging their faces off the table trying to figure out where to go next, doubling down on the wrong direction, or they figure the […]

2016 in review 2016 has been a great year for Microlite20 in a lot of ways! When it really boils down to it this has been a year of refinement. So let’s take a look at what happened this year, and what goals we have for next year! Rules Cyclopedia This was a pretty ambitious […]

At some point, most GMs have had to deal with the problem of player character death. In old-school games, this was a somewhat accepted part of the overall structure of play – can you imagine surviving the entire Tomb of Horrors without losing a single character? Characters were mechanically simple, with only personality and minor […]

The Blackwood Company started life as a bored young nobleman’s pet project, but became a tale whispered in terror across the land. Leopold Blackwood was the fifth child of the Blackwood Dynasty. While his elder sisters were forced into marriages of convenience and political alliances, his single older brother Nicolaus went on to become a […]

There are a lot of changes happening in with the Cleric class around domains. While the details are currently being hashed out with Patreon Patrons in the slack channel, the short story is that not every cleric will be able to heal people. This creates and interesting dilema around healing that we’ve been discussing. Ultimatley […]