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Do you remember when the gaming table was full of pizza and soda, not rulebooks, miniatures and dungeon tiles? Do you yearn for a role-playing game that doesn’t require weight training to carry all the books? Do you want to be able to hold all the rules in your head - or in your back pocket? And do you still want to use all those lovely monsters, adventures and game worlds too?

So do we!!

Microlite20 Pocket Mods

What is Microlite20?

Microlite20 (M20) is a rules lite Tabletop RPG designed to help busy gamers gaming faster. Designed and developed by professionals, and parents who understand the importance of being able to get through the hurdle of mechanics, so we can start exploring fantastic stories with friends and strangers.

Another benefit of having less moving parts means that you can easily use M20 for a Fantasy RPG or a Sci Fi RPG. You can either use one of our pre-built games and settings or break and bend them into something that better suits your desires.

Microlite20 2nd ed.

The 2nd edition of M20 is a Rules Light Tabletop RPG that captures the feeling of popular rules heavy Fantasy RPGs, without having to dig through thousands of pages of rules. You get the best of having a character that is uniquely yours, but also being able to get right to the gaming as fast as possible!


Simple Attributes and Skills

M20 uses only 8 total Attributes and Skills in order to keep things extra simple. By keeping skills very broad players are encouraged to get creative about how they pair attributes and skills in the game. You can of course even easily add more genre specific Skills or Attributes to your games without weighing down players with to many extra choices.

Advances and Specialties

By providing a handful of class and race contained advances you can get a large variety of play feels to help make your characters feel diverse and uniquely yours. On top of that the advances follow some pretty simple basic patterns that it's pretty easy to come up with new ones on the fly to suit your needs.

Common sense rules

Sometimes when you're playing other games it feels like you're playing RuleFinder The RPG. For a hobby that prides itself on creativity and common sense most games try to create a rule for every weird possible action. Instead with M20 we keep the rules pretty simple which gives folks more choices, and makes the game even easier to hack to your desires!


For an even more rules light game you can take UltraMicrolite20 (UM20) out for a spin. With UM20 you've got a One Page RPG standing between you and adventure! This game is perfect for convention or pickup play.


TL;DP (To Long; Didn't Play)

Let's face it we live in a world of 10 second videos, and 140 character opinions. Not everyone has time to play a drawn out campaign, and in those cases UM20 really shines.
• Avoid trying to teach a complex game in a 4 hour convention slot.
• Pickup and play when you’re on the go and want to get a session in with friends.
• Introduce new comers to the idea of a Table-Top RPG without bogging them down with mechanics.


Another great benefit of the super slimmed down UM20 is that it is perfect for testing out little rules ideas. You don't have to worry about building up a whole M20 hack if you have a great idea. Instead you can take the little core rule concept and play around with it in UM20 before building up a more robust game around it: we're doing this with our UltraMicrolite20 Mythos game right now!

Microlite20 Legacy Games

Originally M20 was dependent on the d20 SRD. This often caused a great deal of confusion for newer players, and overall meant that M20 didn't stand 100% as it's own game.
Even though we are pushing forward with a fully self contained 2nd edition of the game, there is a lot of great content out there for the original M20: and some new stuff still coming from community members.

A Free Tabletop RPG?

Whether it is through readability or rules availability, the primary mission for M20 is accessibility. Everything you'll need to play M20 or UM20 is always freely available.

For those able to help support the Microlite20 they can join our Patreon, and get access to some exclusive and expanded content.

Get The Games!

If you're interested in grabbing a copy of any of the Microlite20 works out their, you can either subscribe freely to the Mailing List below or also join up on the Patreon.

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