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Moving the blog

I've decided to move my RPG blog to here:

I'm not giving up on microlite20! I'll still be here adding stuff to the Macropedia and participating, but I wanted to get some blogging going on where I could customize the look/feel and do some things that Drupal doesn't support. Greywulf's been nothing short of wonderful and I greatly appreciate his hospitality of my ramblings here.

I've moved some of my older posts there. Anything related to m20, the m20chargen and m20npcgen will still be posted here!

Critical/Fumble rolls and injuries

I've discovered the blog "The Tao of D&D" and [url=]this post on injuries[/url] got me to thinking.

I know that I'm not as learned as some on the fine arts of D&D, but one thing I do appreciate are light rules and quick gameplay. There's alot that can go on in combat, and when there are opportunities to inject some additional role playing elements into it, I'll take those opportunities, but not at the expense of making the game harder or more rules bound.

Playing an OD&D Solo Game with my wife

In the tradition of Oakspar7777 (, I thought I would put down some of my thoughts, ideas and game replays of an OD&D campaign I'm running with my wife. It's a one-on-one game, using a mashup of microlite74, OD&D according to the Little Brown Books and Holmes Basic, as well as Swords & Wizardry and some house rules. My wife played D&D as a teenager in highschool, much as I did, although I've spoken a bit about my history as an RPG'er on this blog.

Old School vs. "New School" D&D

Just my opinion.

Old school D&D has the emphasis on the setting. Megadungeons, fantastic castles, Tombs of horror and Temples of evil - these were the things that players hurled themselves against to gain gold, glory and the satisfaction of saying "I survived."

Makes sense when you look at it from the aspect of a wargamer - wargames are about surviving the scenario. The scenario is all - players are merely units to perform orders and fight battles to see who will overcome the whole of the scenario. You might make history, you might rewrite history.

DM'ing a newbie and Dragon humor

I'm about 3 years late coming to this thread, and it's not as "old school" oriented as, say, Grognardia; however, this thread is one of the most informative, thought provoking and well written threads on the fine art of DM'ing as I've ever seen. I've spent the last 2 hours reading it and I'm maybe halfway through. Amazing stuff.

Magic Fumbles

In discussing Magic Attacks vis-a-vis microlite20/74's "Magic Attack" mechanic, the subject of "natural 1s/20s" came up. If you are performing a Magic Attack (that subject itself has caused a bit of discussion when/how to use in the [url=]microlite forums[/url]), and the player rolls a natural 1/20, the GM might decide to invoke a houserule of fumble/critical hit.

The carrion birds are already circling...

My D&D module Ultima 1 recreation is dead. Long live Ultima 1!

Transformations of an RPG'er

I've written this little essay about personal transformations for the RPG Carnival, hosted at Critical Hits.

Running microlite74 for first time.

I ran my first microlite74 game this weekend and it was a blast. I ran it as a one on one with my wife as the player. My adventure/dungeon was the sample dungeon in the back of the Holmes Blue Book, with modifications for m74 rules/monsters.

Running one on one game

I have been looking at the m74 rules and I've just about talked my wife in playing this weekend. Yay!

However, it's been almost 25 years since I ran anything vaguely Holmes-ian or OD&Dish - and much longer since I ran a real one on one. So I was looking for some help or advice on how to run a one on one for an RPG newbie.


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