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[The link to the latest Rules Cyclopedia update is at the bottom of the post so read on!]
I am not just excited to be announcing this update because of new rules (more classes and races!), but because Microlite20 is bringing on a new designer to the team. Ian Coakley from the “Of Dice and Men” blog is partnering up with me to help kick things up a notch around here.

What Ian brings

For those familiar with a lot of the hacks I have done, you know that I have a leaning towards the modern “modern story game” style of play. While plenty of folks enjoy it, many of you really like the old school RPG style, and Ian falls into this more traditional realm… unless I corrupt him 🙂

For those of you who haven’t read “Of Dice & Men” (Ian’s excellent blog) you’ll know that he is excellent when it comes to the quality of his content. I have long ducked in and out of his blog, and used his advances in pretty much all my games since I found them.

What this means

Being a one man show, with a family and job can make hitting a deadline a bit tricky. Luckily two people with families and jobs makes almost 1 normal persons allotment of free time. Using the super powers of team work we plan to more consistently hit the deadlines that we’ve personally committed too.

Aside from just hitting deadlines though, this additional time will allow us to both branch out with new and exciting M20 material. We’ve been talking about a lot of different little settings we want to work on together, as well as a handful of other little projects.

What to expect

We’ve talked about it and we are going to go once monthly with the Rules Cyclopedia updates. The reason is that we want to reduce the number of times that you guys have to return to download. This will also reduce the total amount of work for us to put the same amount of content out.

Expect more “media” activity. By that I mean more regular blog posting, keeping to a weekly newsletter update and general interaction. For a long time interacting with the community in general has been trumped by getting work done on more admin things, but with two people that should be changing :).

One of the most exciting things about this partnership is the opportunity for both of us to get some really creative new content out. A big focus of my recent efforts has been on curating what is already out there.  Now we have the chance to work on a lot of stand along awesome products that we are jazzed about, and of course keep curating ;P

Rules Cyclopedia

Since you have waited so patiently, don’t forget to check out the new Rules Cyclopedia update at our

Lets talk about that

We’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and hopes about this new partnership and what it means for the community. Please feel free to post over at the m20 reddit!