The M20 Rules Cyclopedia is an exciting project to gather together the multitude of rules and resources from the community into a single reference source. I’m pretty excited overall about this and I’d like to share a bit about what to expect, why I’m doing this and where we go from here.

Dazed and Confused

As with many microlite games vagueness comes with the territory. Over time those new to gaming (or at least this level of spartan rules) will become more acclimated with the idea that they know what is cool, and when the rules don’t account for any given moment they’ll just roll with it.

Not all things can be cleanly hand waved though; this largely applies to the magic system. When magic was trimmed down to its original microlite20 format, a lot of things like saving throw details and attack details were stripped out. For someone fluent in the d20 system we take common things (like magic missiles automatically hitting) when these really can’t be inferred to a casual/novice player.

The most frequent questions to be made to the community surround things like “how does x spell work?” or “is x spell really this powerful?”. The most frequent  answer for these types of questions really unfortunately is usually refer to the System Reference Document (SRD) of the game this one is based on… annoying to say the least.

Another area people can some times run into problems is knowing where to start. There is just so much awesome content out there that at first it can be overwhelming. Overall, the volume of information isn’t terrible because it is easily digestible, but there is a lack of organized indexing and categorizing of this information.


Another thing that bothers me industry wide is the lack of widespread ebook format use. I feel like there is a large opportunity being missed, and I want to help solve it. 

This is pretty exciting because if you want ebook rpgs your choices are pretty limited, but after the initial round of feedback from the alpha draft that will change. I’ll be packaging up the M20 Rules Cyclopedia in not just PDF and .docx format but also epub, and shipping it off to the below channels:

  • Kobo
  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • iBooks
  • Smashwords
  • RPGNow
  • Patreon*


This is a trickier part because rules are going to keep trickling in over time and this is going to require continued revision. Because of that there won’t be a physical product released, I find the idea of it to be wasteful: though I’m not opposed to physical versions of other future products. On a weekly/biweekly bases (depending on the size of a given mod) I’ll be pushing regularly updated files out. 

The Patreon folks will obviously be getting the rough drafts of things about a week early so they can directly provide input into the development process. After that time I’ll push updates out all the other channels.

If you want to check out the current alpha of the game please feel free to reach visit the patreon page here. The first creator post is public. Since this alpha is primarily focused on document structure and content presentation it only contains up to level 5 for characters. Once I incorporate feedback I’ll add the rest of the content and the first mod or so.