I’ve discovered the blog “The Tao of D&D” and [url=http://tao-dnd.blogspot.com/2008/10/hit-points.html]this post on injuries[/url] got me to thinking.
I know that I’m not as learned as some on the fine arts of D&D, but one thing I do appreciate are light rules and quick gameplay. There’s alot that can go on in combat, and when there are opportunities to inject some additional role playing elements into it, I’ll take those opportunities, but not at the expense of making the game harder or more rules bound.

The idea of someone suffering a broken arm, or potentially loss of limb, makes combat a bit more precarious. The problem is, as pointed out in that post, how to incorporate “injury” into combat. Do you put some sort of “alternate” HP in place? Do you do something like D&D4e, which has the concept of “blooded” (1/2 total HP loss, if I remember correctly)?

Since I like simple, and I’m sure everyone has done something like this at some point, I thought tie bad injuries to fumbles and criticals.

I have a list of possible effects and I randomly choose one, so I’m going to add the broken/useless/loss-of limb effect.