I’ll be running two Paizo Pathfinder modules using the M20 Hard Core rules for my regular Monday game. I picked M20 because some players have expressed their unhappiness about power gaming, buffing, and magic item inflation in our two year D&D 3.5 campaign. Using very simple rules I had hoped to sidestep these issues, because there is very little to powergame.
What led to a lot of discussion, however, was the scribing of scrolls and the crafting of wands (these feats got turned into spells in the Hard Core variant). When are the hit points paid — when you scribe the spell, or when you read the scroll?

I’ll have to think about it. Right now the easiest solution seems to be to just get rid of scrolls and wands. One of my players also said that he didn’t know of any books where wizards used wands and scrolls the way they were being used in D&D.

Another option would be to add a section to the rules saying “You need to find a level of magic items that suits your playstyle. Adjust the difficulty of creating the raw material for magic items accordingly — use simple gold prices like D&D for high magic games, use quests for exotic ingredients in a rare magic game, or just disallow it.”

I’m still pondering the issue.