As my 18 year old son was cleaning (excavating with a backhoe) his room, he found a game that I had picked up for him a few years back when I first met his mom (I adopted him after she and I got married). I vaguely remember picking this up for him with the intent of playing it with him, but stock car racing and high school got in the way (his school, my racing :> ) and I forgot about it.
Recently, I’ve become a lurker/fan of James Maliszewski’s blog: I like the way he thinks about role playing games and I love reading his old school thoughts and remembrances. I sure wish he lived closer to Chicago than he does – I’d love to have him take me thru the Tomb of Horrors and then I’ll take him through The Neverending Maze (that I’m still working on for m20, but I digress…)

He loves the old pulp fiction and has expressed a great fondness for Conan and Robert Howard’s writing. The other day, I saw the old Conan game sitting on his (now uncovered) bookshelf and I had to take pictures for James and hopefully, he’ll see them. I’m sure he already knows about this game, but maybe he doesn’t and knowing about it would pique his curiosity…

So James, if you happen to see this post, these pictures are for you – I’d be happy to share what I’m learning about the rules of Conan. Yes, the small book to the upper left does say “World of Hyboria” and at first blush, it seems “open” although I really need to sit down and read through all the rules.

And yes, perhaps there’ll be a microliteConan coming up soon…;)

Rule books and charts:

Front box cover:

Back of box:

Map of Hyboria