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[b]This just in from 1000buffalo:[/b]
Howdy All!

My (late) entries for the [url=]2008 Pacificon Game Expo[/url] are off, and – as noted in the subject line – both games will use the Microlite20 rules.

The entries haven’t posted through yet, but should be appearing in the next few days. Both games are slated for 3-6 players with a 4 hour run time.

I’ll be running a Sat, 3pm session – “A Gallery of Evil” based on the Paizo module of the same name.

Sunday, 3pm, will be “Legacy of the Savage Kings” based on the DDC module.

As follow-up from the Con, I expect the Microlite will get some discussion on an upcoming episode of my podcast, [url=]2d6 Feet in a Random Direction[/url], as I generally talk about games I’ve recently run and the like.