Contributed by [b]bytor4232[/b].
Sample Hook: You hear of a job posting by the local noble named Calum. He is seeking a person named Valanunthe, the race and sex of this humanoid is not been revealed. The bounty is 800 GP alive or 200 GP dead, you just need to return all this persons possessions. You could not get an audience with the Noble, and decide to go on the quest anyway. You track a humanoid to the abandoned silver mine a few miles outside town.

Gather Information: DC18: Valanunthe has the Amulet of Mighty Fists in their possession. Calum is an enthusiast for rare items dealing with martial arts or ancient weaponry, and this piece was a part of their private collection. DC20: Valanunthe is a Fem. Elf. DC25: The amulet was stolen from Valanunthe’s family.

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