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This is Microlite20 boiled down even further. It’s suitable for gaming while out walking (much like [url=]SHERPA[/url]) or when you’ve forgotten your gamebooks. There are no magic rules provided; either run a no magic game, make spellcasting something only NPCs can do or use the Open Ended Magic System.
There are 3 stats – STR, DEX, MIND. Share a total of five points between them with a maximum of 4 in one. You can reduce one stat to -1 to get an extra point. These are your stat bonuses.

Choose one skill group (Physical, Subterfuge, Communication or Knowledge). Your character is at +4 to do anything relating to that skill group. Everything else is +1.

Actions are resolved by rolling 1d20+skill+relevant stat bonus. Roll equal or higher than the given Difficulty Class (DC) or higher than the opponent’s skill roll to succeed.

Combat is resolved using Physical+STR bonus (for melee) or Physical+DEX (for ranged). The DC is the opponent’s Armour Class. This is 10+DEX bonus+Armour. Leather is +3, Chain is +4, Plate is +5. A shield can add a further +1.

If you get hit three times in a single combat encounter, you’re unconscious. Roll phys+STR DC15 to survive. Larger critters can take more hits before dying; that’s up to the GM.

If you survive ten combats, add one to all of your skills.


Horace the Wise is going to be STR +0, DEX +2, MIND +3, and chooses Communication as his main skill. He wears chainmail and a shield giving him AC18 and wields a Mace.

During the game, Horace tries to sneak past a guard, so rolls 1d20+sub+DEX. That’s 15+1+2 for a total of 17. The DC was 15 (set by the GM); he’s not noticed at all. Lucky Horace.

Later Horace encounters a lone goblin. It attacks with a vicious serrated dagger and rolls a 19, hitting him squarely across the stomach. Horace had better be careful. Two more blows and he’s Goblin stew!

Thankfully Horace survives this and nine other narrow scrapes. He’s adds one to all his skills and now rolls +5 Communication, and +2 for all other skills.

His current stats are:

Horace the Wise: STR +0, DEX +2, MIND +3, Com+5, others @ +2 AC18 chain+shield, Mace.