Contributed by [b]Darth Cestual[/b].
Mecha are giant walking vehicles used in combat or heavy industrial work. Each basic mecha has a cockpit for the pilot, a basic sensor system, is of a vague humanoid shape, and is powered by one or more Power Cores as determined by the size of the vehicle. Keep in mind that Mecha stats do not directly relate to character stats, and should it be necessary, such as strafing a battlefield of infantry troops or rebels taking down an Imperial Walker, just roll for the mecha and multiply the result by 10.

[h3]Power Core[/h3]

Every mecha draws energy from its Power Core which enables its weapons and other systems. Every mecha must have at least 1 Power Core, and each Core supplies 50 power points for its systems. Power pulled from the Core for system use drains points from the power pool, and are not regenerated until after a scene ends, or 1 point per minute to recharge. When a mechas Power Core reaches zero points, it is immobile and inoperable. There is a 10% chance (1 on a D10) that Core containment is lost and a Core Breach occurs, which means a Core Explosion is immanent. The Pilot or any crew will have 1d4 rounds to escape via Escape Pod or some other means. Backup Systems can allow a reroll of a Core Breach, or add an additional 1d6 rounds to escape. A Core Explosion completely destroys a ship and does 1d100 damage for a 100 meter radius per Power Core. Additional Cores can be installed beyond the mecha size standard, take up 2 slots, however mecha with multiple Cores cannot function properly without the full compliment, and thus cannot sacrifice a Power Core for additional slots.


Mecha have 3 Stats: Chassis, Handling, and Pilot. Stats are rolled as per the M20 core rules

[b]Chassis[/b] = the strength of the mechas structural design and its hydraulics systems
[b]Handling[/b] = how well the mechas servos and hydraulics perform under various conditions
[b]Pilot[/b] = the skill of the individual controlling the mecha, (Mind), this stat can vary depending on who’s driving, and the conditions required of the scene.

[h3]Configuration and Systems[/h3]

Mecha come in 4 basic configurations: Assault, Industrial, Infiltrator, and Support

[b]Assault[/b]: the standard combat model, +3 Armaments
[b]Industrial[/b]: the standard construction model, +3 Engineering
[b]Infiltrator[/b]: the standard reconnaissance model, +3 Sensors
[b]Support[/b]: the standard service and repair model, +3 Interface

Mecha have 4 basic Systems: Armaments, Sensors, Engineering, and Interface. System ratings are determined the same way as Skills in the M20 core rules.

[b]Armaments[/b]: the offensive & defensive capabilities of the mecha
[b]Sensors[/b]: how well the mecha can process the information of it’s surrounding environment, as well as how to avoid other sensor systems
[b]Engineering[/b]: how well maintained the mecha is kept by it’s mechanic and/or pit crew. A well engineered and maintained mecha can often push beyond its initial design performance.
[b]Interface[/b]: how well a mechas on board computers can interact with outside systems

[h3]Mecha Size[/h3]

Mecha come in 4 basic sizes: Large, Huge, Gargantuan, and Colossal

[b]Large[/b]: these size mecha are common as industrial loaders, urban infantry, starship boarding actions, and for civic police. Not much larger than a standard human, they are commonly referred to as power armor. They run on a single Power Core and have 6 slots for weapons and equipment. +2 Pilot
[b]Huge[/b]: Designed as the standard battlefield infantry model, they are a good balance between production cost and effectiveness in the various theaters of war. They have 10 slots for weapons and equipment and run on 2 Power Cores. +2 Handling
[b]Gargantuan[/b]: These massive machines of war are seen sparingly on the battlefield, typically used as mobile artillery. They are more commonly used in space combat campaigns against starships or other mecha. They have 15 slots for weapons and equipment and are powered by 3 Power Cores. +2 Chassis, -1 Handling
[b]Colossal[/b]: These mecha are rare. Used planetside as primarily mobile weapon platforms and planetary defense against starships. Mecha of this size often have crews, with gunners and engineers aboard to free the pilot to focus on maneuvering such a massive vehicle. They have 20 slots for weapons and equipment and are powered by 4 Power Cores. +1 all systems, -2 Handling


[b]Additional Cockpit[/b]: 2 slots, can be used as a separate gunners control, engineering station, or for a passenger.
[b]Additional Power Core[/b]: +50 power points, 2 slots
[b]Advanced Comm System[/b]: 1 slot, +3 Interface, used in tactical relays, secure communiques, and jamming the enemies communication systems. 1 power point/round while in use
[b]Advanced Diagnostics[/b]: 1 slot, restores 1d10 points of damage/hour, during which time the mecha cannot move or be in combat. +3 Interface
[b]Advanced Sensor Array[/b]: +1 Sensors, 1 power point/round while in use
Afterburner: 1 slot, doubles the range of a Jump Pack and speed of Thrusters, but costs 2x power points of the equipment used.
[b]Armor, Duraplastic[/b]: +3 AC, 2 slots
[b]Armor, Reactive Gel[/b]: +8 AC, 4 slots
[b]Armor, Megatanium[/b]: +12 AC, -2 Handling, 8 slots
[b]Back Up Systems[/b]: help prevent a Core Breach, 1 slot
[b]Crane[/b]: +2 Chassis, +2 Handling, 4 slots, special lifting arm equipped with a cable and wench system
[b]Energy Shield Generator[/b]: 2 slots, 2pts to activate, absorbs damage at 1 power point for every point of damage inflicted.
[b]Escape Pod[/b]: 1 slot/cockpit, the mechas cockpit is fitted as an escape pod, if the mecha has multiple cockpits, they must be purchased separately.
[b]Jump Pack[/b]: 2 slots, allows the mecha to make short rocket assisted jumps of up to 1 km, 2 power points per use, Large and Huge sizes only.
[b]Life Support System[/b]: 1 slot, required use for aquatic or space bound mecha
[b]Lifters[/b]: +2 Chassis, special lifting arms, 2 slots ea.
[b]Nanorepair Unit[/b]: 1 slot, repairs 5HP damage/round, 1 power point/round
[b]Neural Link[/b]: 1 slot, +2 Pilot, a direct link to the Pilots brain increases reaction time.
[b]Reserve Power Supply[/b]: holds 20 points of reserve power, 1 slot, can only be recharged once all Power Cores are fully charged.
[b]Space Worthy[/b]: 1 slot, a series of stabilizers and small maneuvering thrusters that enable a mecha to function in space.
[b]Stealth Suite[/b]: 3 slots, +10 Sensors (to avoid detection) Large and Huge sizes only, the mecha has been refitted to have a very low detectable profile.
[b]Structural Enhancement[/b]: +10HP/slot
[b]Tactical Shield[/b]: +4 AC, 1 slot-attached to arm, retractable
[b]Thermoptic Camouflage[/b]: 1 slot, +3 Sensors (to avoid detection), allows a mecha to blend in with its surroundings, 1 power point/round while in use
[b]Thrusters[/b]: 4 slots, allows the mecha to fly 150m/round, 3 power points to [b]launch, +1 power point/round of maintained flight
[b]Wings[/b]: 2 slots, +1 Handling while a mecha is in flight

Weapons / damage / power point cost / slots
[b]Chain Guns[/b]: 1d6, 1 pt/shot, 2 slots
[b]Combat Claws[/b]: (Large 1d6, Huge 1d8, Gargantuan 2d6, Colossal 2d10), no power cost, 1 slot ea.
[b]Laser Cannon[/b]: 2d10, 2 points/shot, 2 slots
[b]Mass Cannon[/b]: 2d12, 4 points/shot, 2 slots
[b]Microwave Beam[/b]: 1d6, 1 point/shot, 1 slot
[b]Missile Pods[/b]: 1d20, 4pts/launch, 2 slots ea. Fires a barrage of 20 1-point of damage small missiles, die roll indicates how many hit their mark.
[b]Plasma Cannon[/b]: 1d20+2, 4 points/shot, 3 slots
[b]Shockwave Pulse Emitter[/b]: 2d8+2, 4 points/shot, 2 slots, fires an electromagnetic pulse that fries electrical systems, sparks flammable materials, and sends living creatures flying an additional 10 meters per point of damage taken.
[b]Recoilless Rifle[/b]: 2d6, 2 points/shot, 2 slots
[b]Rocket Launcher[/b]: 1d8, 2 points/shot, 2 slots

Mecha Melee Weapons: Any of the core M20 melee weapons can be used “mecha-sized” and can be sheathed internally taking up 1 slot for 1 handed weapons, and 2 slots for 2 handed weapons, or by not using any slots with the weapon holding to the outside of the mecha magnetically, however only a maximum of 4 slots can be used this way. Should the players/GM wish to make the melee weapons energy based, 1 handed weapons should burn 1 power point per round while active, and 2 handed weapons should burn 2 power points per round while active.

[h3]Transformable Mecha[/h3]

Should the GM wish to have mecha or giant robots that transform into vehicles, just do it. 😉

But, if you feel the need, include on the Equipment list the Veriform Matrix: 1 slot, 2 power points per use, allows a mecha to engage a physical transformation changing it into a vehicle form or back. +2 Sub