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Contributed by Darth Cestual.
These are ship creation rules based around Microlite20 character creation rules. Please keep in mind that I have none of the D20 Future or any of the D20 Star Wars books,(as shame I know) so I’ve been kinda winging it basing my options on how M20 has developed thus far. So on that note, I wholeheartedly welcome other, more informed conversions for space goodies into M20.
Ship stats do NOT directly translate to character stats. Should it be needed, such as strafing a battlefield of infantry troops, or an orbital bombardment, roll the effects as normal, then multiply by 10.

A ship has 3 stats and 4 systems.
Hull = the strength of a ships structural integrity
Thrust = the ships speed and maneuverability performance
Network = the efficiency of the various systems to keep a ship running

Computer = the information resource on board as well as the processing power in investigating new phenomenon.
Sensors = the means the ship uses to examine the area around it as well as being able to avoid other sensory systems.
Armaments = a ships offensive and defensive capabilities.
Command = the efficiency of a ships captain and crew to maintain a ships systems as well as it’s ability to communicate with other representatives beyond the ships crew.

Ships come in 4 basic classes and are outfitted to meet whatever configuration they need to fill. Each ship has a number of slots per ship type to allocate special systems such as Weapons, Defensive Systems, etc.

Raven- small 1-2 person craft, examples are: stunt fighter, spy ship, advanced recon, personal transport. Ravens are capable of maneuvering through an atmosphere and landing planetside. Ravens gain +2 Thrust, 6 slots, 1 Power Core

Falcon- 3-10 person crew, examples are: assault craft, cargo smuggler, supply shuttle, diplomatic transport. Falcons are capable of maneuvering through an atmosphere and landing planetside. Falcons gain +2 Hull, 10 slots, 2 Power Cores standard

Albatross- 10-20 person crew, examples are: battleship, freighter, research vessel, refugee transport, passenger liner. An Albatross is capable of maneuvering through an atmosphere and landing planetside. Albatross gains +2 Network, 20 slots, 3 Power Cores standard

Phoenix- up to 50+ crew compliment, examples are: Capital ships, carriers, heavy freighters, deep space exploratory vessels. A Phoenix is a space only craft and requires a shuttle or other means of transport planetside. Phoenix gains +1 all Systems, 50 slots, 4 Power Cores standard

Space Stations- if it’s necessary for your game to stat up a Space Station, I’d suggest taking the stats for a Phoenix class ship and doubling/tripling/or quadrupling as appropriate.

Warship- gains +3 Armaments, military vessels designed for combat
Privateer- gains +3 Sensors, used by independent contractors, pirates, smugglers, and space gypsies.
Science Vessel- gains +3 Computer, for explorers, researchers, and medical ships
Transport- gains +3 Command, noted for cargo haulers, public/private charters, and supply ships

Power Core- Every ship draws energy from its Power Core which enables its weapons, defenses, drive systems, etc. Every ship must have at least 1 Power Core, and each Core supplies 50 power points for its systems. Power pulled from the Core for system use drains points from the power pool, and are not regenerated until after a scene ends, or 1 point per minute to recharge. When a ships Power Core reaches zero points, it is dead in space. There is a 10% chance (1 on a D10) that Core containment is lost and a Core Breach occurs, which means a Core Explosion is immanent The crew will have 1d20+5 rounds to escape via Escape Pods or some other means. Backup Systems can allow a reroll of a Core Breach, or add an additional 1d6 rounds to escape. A Core Explosion completely destroys a ship and does 1d100 damage for a 1 kilometer radius per Power Core. Additional Cores can be installed beyond the ship standard, take up 2 slots, Ships with multiple Power Cores may sacrifice the available power for 2 more slots, but must maintain at least 1 Power Core and power usage remains the same. For example a Phoenix class cargo vessel may opt to drop its 3 of its Cores for more storage space, but would not be able to jump to Hyperspace as it requires 100 points of power for a ship of that size to do so.

Weapon Mount- 2 slots
Lasers- low power beams of coherent light 1d4 damage, 1pt/shot
Rail Guns- magnetically accelerated slugs 1d6 damage, 2pts/shot

Torpedo Bay- 3 slots, 3pts/shot
Torpedoes- low yield, but very maneuverable rockets that can track a target 1d8 damage, +2 Armaments on attack
Photonic Torpedoes – high yield rockets that can track a target 2d8 damage, +1 Armaments on attack

Missile Launcher- 4 slots, 3pts/launch
Missiles- high yield rockets that can be outfitted with various warheads 2d10

Heavy Weapon Mounts- 4 slots, 4pts/shot
Particle Beams- pulsed beams of sub-atomic particles, 3d6 damage
Disruptors- energy beams that disrupt energy shields and power to systems for 1d4 rounds

Lances – high power energy beams, 1d20+5 damage, 5 slots, 5pts/shot

Defensive Systems
Armor- adds bonus to AC, 1 slot = +1 AC
Cloaking Device- avoids Sensor detection, (+20 Sensors) 1pt/round while active.
Energy Shields- absorbs damage, Shield Generator 2 slots, 2pts to activate, absorbs damage at 1 power point for every point of damage inflicted.
Escape Pods- allows up to 4 people per pod to escape a doomed ship. 2 slots
Evasive Maneuvers- pushing a ships maneuverability to it’s limit, +1 Thrust/per point

Other Systems
Additional Power Core- +50 power points, 2 slots
Advanced Sensor Array- intense active multispectrum scan and analysis, adds +10 Sensors, 1 slot, 1point/round while in use.
Back Up Systems, help prevent a Core Breach, 1 slot
Cargo Bay- 4 slots, 1 ton of cargo/slot
Hyperdrive- allows interstellar travel, 2 slots, “spinning up” the hyperdrive requires ½ the standard power supply for a ship of its size, Raven 25points, Falcon 50 points, Albatross 75 points, Phoenix 100 points
Matter Transporter- teleports people or cargo ship to ship or to and from planetside, 3 slots, 1point/100lbs transported.
Rec Room- 3 slots, be it a lounge, mess hall, or holodeck, a rested crew functions better, +1 Command
Research Lab- +5 Computer, 3 slots
Reserve Power Supply- holds 20 points of reserve power, 1 slot, can only be recharged once all Power Cores are fully charged.
Probes- automatic or remote guided sensor arrays that can be sent into hostile or unknown areas with little risk to the crew, +5 Sensors, may be used in place of Missile or Photonic Torpedo warheads, 1 slot
Robot- a non-sentient construct that can perform tasks and duties too dangerous for the crew, 1 slot, (A robotic PC may take this spot as part of the crew, freeing up the slot)
Robotic Arm; Cargo- 1 slots, used for moving cargo, debris, or docking with other ships
Robotic Arm; Combat- 2 slots, can be equipped with ranged or melee style weapons for ship to ship combat
Shuttle- Larger craft may hold smaller craft within their cargo bays, Ravens taking 4 slots and Falcons taking 8 slots, or they can attach to the mother ship on the outside for ½ their cost.
Storage Unit- 2 slots, 1 ton of cargo/slot
Tractor Beam- 3 slots, a projected EM field that can hold or move an object in space. 3 points to activate

Hit Points = Hull Stat + ship class, Raven= 10, Falcon= 20, Albatross= 30, Phoenix= 40
If HP reaches zero, the ship is destroyed and a Core Explosion occurs, see above.

Roll d20 + Thrust bonus for initiative order
Each ship can do one thing each turn; move, attack, beam down the away team…etc.

Diplomacy bonus = Network bonus + Command
Weapon attack bonus = Network bonus + Armaments