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(Taken from this post in the ENWorld forum thread)
Here are the skills from the d20 SRD and their Microlite20 equivalents:

Appraise – com+MIND
Balance – phys+DEX
Bluff – com+MIND
Climb – phys+DEX or STR, whichever is highest
Concentration – doesn’t apply. GM’s fiat applies
Craft – it’s an out of game thing. No one ever crafts things in-game, so it’s a redundant skill. Alternatively, know+DEX
Decipher Script – know+MIND or com+MIND
Diplomacy – com+MIND
Disable Device – sub+MIND or sub+DEX
Disguise – sub+MIND
Escape Artist – sub+DEX or sub+STR, depending on what you’re escaping out of
Forgery – com+DEX
Gather Information – com+MIND
Handle Animal – com+MIND or com+STR if the animal is bigger than you
Heal – know+MIND
Hide – sub+DEX
Intimidate – could be phys+STR, or sub+MIND or com+STR. You choose
Jump – phys+STR (long jump) or phys+DEX (high jump)
Knowledge – know+MIND
Listen – sub+MIND
Move Silently – sub+DEX
Open Lock – sub+DEX
Perform – com+MIND, though it could be DEX if you’re juggling, or STR if you’re a weightlifter
Profession – com+MIND, usually
Ride – com+DEX
Search – sub+MIND
Sense Motive – com+MIND
Sleight of Hand – sub+DEX
Speak Language – doesn’t apply. You either know the language or you don’t. Alternatively, com+MIND to understand subtle nuances, I guess
Spellcraft – MIND only
Spot – sub+MIND
Survival – phys+STR to survive, or sub+DEX or STR to hunt stuff.
Swim – phys+STR
Tumble – phys+DEX
Use Magic Device – you can either use it, or you can’t. GM fiat. Alternatively, MIND only
Use Rope – no, never ever. Use Rope is a DEAD SKILL. This skill is dead. It has passed the mortal coil (of rope). Use phys+DEX if you must, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.