Welcome to the Microlite20 Macropedia! My name is Seth Drebitko and overtime I will continue to grow as a resource for all you wonderful M20 fans. As time passes I will continue work here tinkering away adding more information and making the site easier to navigate.

For those not in the know the original Microlite20 (now M20 Legacy) was based on the traditional fantasy d20 system but crazy streamlined. The newer version of M20 that I am currently working on incorporates advancements of modern games such as Monte Cooks Cypher System as well as  Sage Latora and Adam Koebel’s Dungeon World.

I’ll fund development and maintenance of tools for this site through the patronage I receive from my other projects; KoboldEnterprise.com whereI mostly use this site for fiction and game updates; SethHimself.com where I’ll post short form fiction and other non project news related stuff.

Even if you’re not 100% interested in the fiction or other articles, if you are an M20 fan (and able to) consider becoming a patron of my Patreon campaign to help continue to support this site.

For those not in the loop with the community watering holes you can find us at the following places.

  • FaceBook
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    • Twitter
      • @SethDrebitko: my personal account that I primarily use. This account is more active and engaging than the M20 account.
      • @Microlite20: mostly project updates/Q&A.
    • Google+: I’m trying to get the hang of G+. 
    • Tumblr: I’m new to Tumblr and haven’t really decided the level of cross posting (if at all) will exist between here and there.

If you don’t already have copies of either the original or the new version of M20 check out the links below!